The Law According to Anglian Water

14 Jul

So Who’s Who at your Water Services Provider?


The Head of the Customer Services department, is a convicted football hooligan.  Caught on camera during a good old fashioned punch up, he was convicted and served a sentence.  However, bringing the company into disrepute, he managed to keep his job.  Incidentally, he broke all protocol and the law in revealing my confidential medical information to another member of my family without my consent.

The Team Leader’s Role in all of this…….

Meanwhile my team leader, who is having an affair with another team leader and is in under the impression nobody knows, is a sycophantic David Brent type character.  Having found out some very personal, confidential and private medical details, took me under his wing and posed as an understanding boss and during our many conversations led me to believe he was a friend and confidant  to whom I could, and did, turn in times of distress…….

All appeared on the surface to be normal until one day, having gathered enough rope to hang me, did just that……

In doing so he chose to divulge highly confidential medical details, most of which where conjecture, not based on fact and without my express written consent…….

Trouble is he formulated the details to fit his thesis and was factually inaccurate in the claims he made.  This is easily proven and will be in due course when my case comes in front of a judge……

If I’ve learnt one thing, it’s never to trust those  purporting to be your friend when all they have on their agenda is the progression up the greasy pole……

From the legal advice I have been given the company are in breach of procedure, the Data Protection Act 1998 and numerous other unethical, if not criminal wrong doings…..

I’m actually looking forward to my day in court when I can prove that they have breeched more regulations than a politicians expenses claim……

Finally, he’s the sort of Karma type.  Well Manjit Chahal Karma is coming your way.  Watch out Karma is looking over your shoulder…..



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