Heads Will Role… Or Maybe Not…

9 Jul

Unless you’ve been on another planet for the last couple of weeks, you cannot have failed to see the debarkle over the News of the World & their less than honourable practicies of tapping peoples phones in order to get their scoop……

This is all well & good if it’s used to establish how much Cocaine a celebrity has stuffed up their hooter or to expose the sleazy sex games of a leading sports personality.  It doesn’t make it right but at least the maximum damage caused is to the ego of the celebrity involved.  However, when it comes to the interference of a police investigation & inflicts yet more anguish on the already unbearable predicament of a family who’s daughter is missing & leads them to beleive that there may be chance their daughter may still be alive, it is nothing short of abhorant……

Mr & Mrs dowler suffered imeasurable anguish at the disapearance of Milly and as if that wasn’t enough, the deleting of messages from Milly’s in-box suggested that she may have been alive & well an not doing that thing that teenagers do to make a point to their parents.  In Milly’s case this was not what happenned.  Instead an unscrupulous ‘gernalist’ hacked into the voicemail, giving the impression that Milly may have been deleting the messages herself.  As we now know this was not the case……

In my mind this is simply criminal & no amount of compensation can reconcile the damage caused to the Dowler family, to whom my heart goes out……

This brings me to my second point.  Until now the NOTW & it’s staff have denighed all knowledge of any wrong doing on the part of their gernalist.  Back in 2002 when asken by a House of Commons Select Committe, they admitted to paying police offficers for information.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are no circumstances under which a police officer, past or present, can accept money for information relating to a case.  Though we know this goes on, unnabated, it is still a criminal offense and should be dealt with accordingly…….

It is just another case of corruption at the highest level only this time it directly affected to the action being taken to resolve a case of murder, and in doing so caused even more unnecessary suffering to the Dowler family…….

Having finally gained some closure on the harrowing events of the past 10 years, the family of the victim now find themselves back in the spotlight having to relive it all over again.  It’s a disgrace to gernalism, politicians and simply highlights the corrupt times in which we live………

In memory of Milly Dowler……


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