Dr Dickhead. A Man Incapably of Reason……

27 Jun

As if Dr Dickhead hadn’t proved himself to be a self righteous, unreasonable prick, the following set of events just highlight the point.


On Thursday last week I had a seizure.  It was one of the strangest experiences I’ve have ever had.  It’s hard to explain but I’ll try.


Firstly, my vision was disturbed.  I could see what was in front of me but it just didn’t look ‘normal’.  Then things got worse and I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing.  It wasn’t the sort of hallucination you’d expect form LDS or Ketamine, everything looked normal but I couldn’t process what I was seeing.  It was as if I had appeared on the planet having never seen a footpath or a house before.  I put it down to ‘spinning out’ due to low blood pressure or something similar.  Luckily, I was with my Mum because then my eyes rolled into the back of my head & I had a fit which lasted for approximately 2 minutes.  I was taken by the ambulance to A&E who did some blood tests & performed a CaT scan.  The scan revealed a pea sized lump, surrounded by fluid which was described to me as a cist.  The doctors wanted to keep me in for observation & to see the Consultant Neurologist on Monday morning.  Due to the ridiculous battle I’m currently engaged in with my clinician at the LDAS I wasn’t prepared to stay.  The doctors agreed to my leaving provided I had someone keep a close watch on me.


All of this is leading to my main point which is; despite the doctors recommending that I didn’t over exert myself and recommending that I didn’t undertake a 6 mile bike ride on a daily basis, my attempts to get Dr Dickhead or his minions to act is a virtual impossibility.


On Friday I called LDAS to explain the circumstances & request that they replace my prescription with a once weekly pick up, not daily.  I should point out at this stage that I collect 10mls of Methadone per day (2 Teaspoons full).  There are many people who are prescribed 18 times that dose and are allowed to pick it up weekly.  Dr Dickheads assertion that by taking so little I’m likely to relapse back into using illicit Heroin simply doesn’t wash.  I could still do that no matter how much I picked up in one go.


I didn’t get to speak with my key worker even though I stressed that this was an emergency.  I tried again today, only to be told by my key worker that Dr Dickhead would not change the prescription without seeing me first, not even for a couple of days.  This only goes to support my assertion that this man is a complete prick. 


He has given no consideration for the fact that, should it happen again whilst I’m cycling, I could end up under a lorry.  The added worry to my long suffering family and no consideration for my alternative forms of transport, namely the bus, at a cost of £3.00 per day which I can ill afford out of my £60 per week (less stoppages) which HM Government seem to think a human being can survive on.


I say again, Dr know-it-all Dickhead is causing further damage to my health, untold stress to my family and putting me in potential danger, why?  Because he can…….   Twat……


I have a plan and with a lot of help from my nearest and dearest friends I will be detoxified of all opiates within the next 2 weeks.  Then I will not have to deal with the incompetent idiot doctor or his understudies ever again.  Then I intend to set out to prove that the Drug & Alcohol services in this country fail on all counts to follow the guidelines and in doing so cause untold distress to their patients and their families…….


Watch out Dickhead, here I come……..


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