Let Down by the NHS…… Again……

25 Jun

As you will be aware if you’ve read some of the previous Dripping Tap, I feel let down badly by the NHS and some of their appointed secondary services.  Well, surprise, surprise, I’ve been let down again and this time it could have profound consequences……

On Thursday a ‘funny’ thing happened to me.  I was out with my Mum when I had disturbance to my vision, which I can only describe as odd.  I wasn’t hallucinating; things just looked a bit strange.  Shortly afterwards, what I was seeing didn’t make any sense to me.  I didn’t know what I was seeing or make sense of my surroundings.  Next I started to stumble, so I stopped & sat on the floor.  Mum asked what was wrong so I explained it as best I could, at which point my eyes rolled up into the back of my head and I had a fit.  This apparently lasted for about 2 minutes……

A kind passer by called an ambulance and I was taken to A&E.  My first memory was being in the back of the ambulance with no memory of the events in the lead up……

I spent the next 10 hours at A&E.  They took some blood samples and performed a CaT scan.  The scan showed up a pea sized lump surrounded by fluid, in the left hand side of my brain.  Scary stuff……  They wanted to keep my in for observation until Monday when I could see a Consultant Neurologist who comes over from Sheffield for a specialist clinic.  Due to pharmacological necessity imposed upon me my LDAS, I discharged myself and at 9am the following morning I called my key worker to arrange to change the prescription which I currently have to pick up on a daily basis, despite having already explained the huge amount of inconvenience of doing the 6 mile trip to the Pharmacy was causing me.  It is now imperative that this is changed to a weekly pick up as I have been advised NOT to cycle up and down before the cause of my fit has been established……

9am:   I left a message & was told my key worker would call as soon as she arrived.

11am: I had a call from another key worker and explained what had happen and requested that they change the prescription.  She couldn’t help, advised that my key worker (with whom I would need to speak had an appointment at 11.30, so had I left to attend the appointment she wouldn’t have been there anyway).  She promised to get my key workers ‘buddy’, responsible for managing her clients in her absence, to call me.

5pm:   I hadn’t received a call.  So much for ‘Contingency Management’

My key worker didn’t answer any of my text or ansa-phone messages.

I will try again on Monday morning but I’m not holding my breath as they seem incapable of internal communication…… 

I feel as if I get a second class service and that my opinions, in fact any of my medical needs are adequately met by LDAS.  They fail to follow the established protocols laid down by the NICE guidelines or the ‘Orange Book’ guidelines, although they are pretty similar……

I’ll keep you posted……


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