Same Shit, Different Dictator……

21 Jun

On the Home Front……

You, me, your parents, grand parents (ad infinitum) have slowly but surely been f****d over by the ‘we’re all doing nicely thanks’ sycophantic, old boy governments and it stinks like pile of rotting corpses.  Don’t worry though; they won’t be able smell them on their estates.  Obviously, not the estates with the graffiti covered boarded up houses and scores of trackie bottom wearing chavs pushing prams around while the kiddies smash up the local shops, safe in the knowledge that their unlikely to see a Police Officer, cause they’ve all been made redundant so we can afford to lob Cruise Missiles at ruthless autocrats who’ve stolen all their subjects money.  Hmm, sounds familiar?  I mean the estates with acres of rolling countryside, miles from the riff raff who they spend their lucrative grubby lives making a misery of. 

Over Seas……

Just how long is this going to continue before our leaders find themselves in the same butt clenching position as old Colonel Gaddaffi Duck, who, oddly enough, we were quite happy to do business with not so long ago?  Need I remind you of Tony Blair’s sleezy airport snog with Gaddaffi Duck after he handed over the Lockerby bomber before gave him back.  Oh, and then there’s our old bezzie mates the Muja Hadeen, prior to their re-branding as the Taliban shortly after the American Government blew up a couple of their own landmarks to welcome in a new era of Neo-Conservatism.  While we’re on the subject of the U.S of A, if you’re wondering what happened to the weapons of mass destruction another of our old pals, Iraqi supremo Mr Hussain was alleged to have owned; he used them all to kill his own citizens, which, the Yanks could easily have worked out by simply checking off the dead people against the receipt.  Which brings me neatly around to those upstanding pillars of democracy, the Israelis, or should that be Israelii; not sure, what is the collective noun for a bunch of land grabbing Jewish people?  Being tooled up, loaded and having a dislike for anybody Muslim, they’re ideal candidates forAmerica’s Christmas card list.  Despite blatantly breaching internationally agreed rules on pinching olive groves off of their neighbours, we can over look a few misdemeanours, for now at least.  Thankfully Saint Tony, International Peace Envoy is on the case and a solution is on the brink of not being sorted out……  It’s a complicated business making money from wars……

Guantanamo here I come…… (didn’t Obama promise to sort that out too?)

Better keep my eyes peeled for the drones!


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