Let Down by the NHS……

19 Jun

You’re probably bored of hearing about it by now but I’m at crisis point.

I was first referred to Drug & Alcohol services about 17 years ago.  Since then I’ve had the same repetitive cycle of ‘treatment’.  This has basically consisted of substitute medication and that’s about it.

The very first principal stated in their own guidelines says substitute prescribing does not constitute treatment on its own and that that Psycho-social interventions are crucial in tackling ongoing drug dependency.

Well here we are 17 years later and my life has been reduced to a pitiful existence of misery, loneliness, depression and thoughts of suicide because I am not able to control my addiction.  This has had profound implications for me and those people I cherish the most.  I’m not surprised that they’ve had enough of me; given the same set of circumstances I’d have had enough of me too.

I am now so desperate that the option of ending my own life is ever present and very real.

I’m not looking for sympathy and I know it may be a case of ‘you’ve made your own bed’.  This does not however excuse the pathetic treatment I have received at the hands of the ‘specialists’.  As with everything in life it comes down to the size of your wallet.  If I had the means I’d take them to court to prove their inadequacies I probably wouldn’t have to as I could have afforded the proper care needed to deal with my issues.

I’m blurting out these regular updates so that when I can’t take it any more, there’ll be a record of how I felt, how I was treated and what wasn’t done to help.

Consider it to be a kind of 21st century suicide note.

Spare me the final indignity of sycophantic bullshit of ‘what a nice bloke he was’ at my funeral.  I don’t want anyone there.  Just burn me and forget me because that’s what happened while I was still here……


One Response to “Let Down by the NHS……”

  1. Jo McNicholas June 20, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    Hi doll, do you want to come around sometime soon? xxx

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