19 Jun

Thanks to the interference of Consultant prick and erstwhile acclaimed addiction specialist Dr Dickhead with my treatment, I have decided, having first made sure I can source the required chemicals, to undergo my own detox.


This is the basic plan:  I have lowered my intake of that nasty substitute Methadone, thanks to the nice Pharmacist who obviously has a brain and can see that taking less of it is better than more, contrary to Dr Dickhead who believes the answer is to continually increase said medication even though it serves no purpose in stopping the use of Heroin.  I have a small stash of Methadone to continue to reduce and can buy more on the black market if needed.  This is because when Dr Dickhead finds out that I’ve been taking less than he prescribed he’ll probably cut me off, which under normal circumstances would cause immense distress.  Finally, I will use Heroin (yes the very substance that got me into this mess in the first place) for about 5 days to cover the period during which my body screams for Methadone; then use a large stock pile of Diazepam to knock me almost unconscious for the period that the Heroin leaves my body.  This is only about 3 days as it is much less aggressive than Methadone.  Thus achieving my goal of balancing my own Endorphins and stability.  


Then it’s two fingers up to the system that seems to want to keep me on their books forever and in doing so assure their continued funding and job security.




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