Where Are They Now? Gillian Merron

13 Jun

Does anybody know what’s happened to Gillian Merron since her humiliating defeat in May 2010 elections?

Hardly a day went by when Gillian didn’t appear in the local rag, scissors in hand, poised to cut the red ribbon of whatever PFI project had just been completed at huge future expense to the tax payer.

However, the bubbly haired vacuous ex M.P. seems to have vanished since loosing her seat.  During the 2010 campaign I had a call from her personal secretary to ask if there were any issues I’d like to discuss with Gillian.  When I mentioned the 93 thousand pounds in expenses which Gillian claimed between 2001 and 2008, 6 thousand of which Sir Thomas Legg ‘recommended’ she re-pay due to some small accounting errors which Gillian and nearly all of her colleagues had unintentionally made, the conversation came to an abrupt end.

I also emailed Gillian post election, to ask if she’d be selling her London home, which she no longer needed to perform her public duty, and re-paying the expenses she’d claimed on it.  Oddly, I never got a reply and since then the elusive Gillian seems to have disappeared.

So next time you’re standing in the queue in Tesco’s and a bubble headed check out girl declares your tin of beans officially open, let me know, oh and I’d check the receipt if I were you……


One Response to “Where Are They Now? Gillian Merron”

  1. Gordon Bisset May 6, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    I came across your site by accident, while trying to find out what our former so-called parliamentary representative is doing now.
    This may be of interest to you:-


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