The Human Rights Act 1998 – Article 10

4 Jun

 “In the past doctors have been advised, by Health Authorities, not to inform patients that there is a course of treatment that could prove beneficial for them because the treatment is not available on the NHS.  Patients could challenge such instructions under Article 10 which gives them the right to receive information without unjustified interference by a public authority.  If treatment cannot be funded by the NHS, patients should have access to information about the factors leading to the rationing decision and it should be made clear whether the treatment is unavailable because it is unproven or solely on the grounds of cost.”


This is a very important statement.  In relation to the treatment of addiction, at no point has this information been presented or any explanation of the reasoning behind it.


It is my intention to challenge the Health Authority on this basis, as there has been a marked deterioration in my health over the past 10 years despite this ruling being in place.  At no time has it been discussed.  At no time has there been any reasonable explanation as why this course of action has been taken.


Again, we find ourselves back in the “standard model” and at the mercy of headline grabbing politics.


There is a simple solution, only the Heath Authority has chosen to hide the facts and in doing so caused further untold damage to my health.


Further more, there are numerous articles under the Human Rights Act which are in direct conflict with the treatment given.


Watch this space……


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