Hot Potatoes

3 Jun

Despite there being an overwhelming body of evidence pointing toward the use of Dia-Morphine as the best possible course of action in the treatment of Heroin addiction. Our clinicians seem hell bent on finding ways to avoid advocating such an approach (more on this later).

There have been numerous trials undertaken, in which this approach has proved beneficial not only to patients and their families but to the wider public at large, who are the body of people most directly affected by the consequences of not adopting this proven strategy.

Almost all “Drug Policy” is aimed at harm reduction. Either to the user and/or the consequences to those affected by it’s misuse.

The current status quo, taken from the user’s point of view, is to replace the drug to which the individual is addicted and replace it with another equally addictive substance which holds non of the benefits and all of the downsides, whilst making little attempt to address the reasoning behind the addiction. As the substitute medication has none of the beneficial effects of the chemical to which the addict is dependent and, indeed, makes the addict feel as if there is no benefit at all from taking the substitute, the addict will simply continue to seek out the alternatives to gain the desired effect of the chemical to which they were originally addicted.

By removing the harm done, both to themselves and those around them, the best possible outcome can be achieved. It may not serve to maximize political point scoring but this is about people’s lives and the lives of those around them. It is achievable and it is practicable. It may not serve a right wing agenda but, it is a reality within our society.

The current status quo is simply unacceptable in the 21st century. Drug misuse leads to crime. Something like 90+% of all criminals arrested test positive for drugs. Would we be better served by a society that accepts, for whatever reason, the need to procure drugs leads to crime and tackle it head on by making the drugs freely available and in doing so negate to need for crime to happen in the first place.


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