Our NHS is a Disgrace (and so are our leaders!)

31 May

I have a friend who has suffered with depression for many years.  Recently, she has been under a lot of stress and has lost her job.  As if things were not bad enough, she lost someone close to her which appears to have been the last straw.  All of her friends have given her their advice, which was to see the doc and think about taking anti-depressants for a while. 


Having seen the doctor, he was sufficiently concerned to make a referral to the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT).  3 weeks later a letter arrived requesting she went for an assessment.


Approximately 2 weeks after the appointment she received a copy of the follow up letter which was sent to her doctor.  When I read it I could not believe what I was reading.


The letter looks as if it’s a ‘standard’ letter.  On it was a list with something called a ‘PHQ9 score’ (more on this later) and a list of options ranging from ‘Given self-help literature and discharged’, ‘Referred to CMHT nurse’, ‘Referred to Psychiatrist’.  There were some others which I’ve forgotten but you get the picture.  However, none of ‘boxes’ were ticked and the PHQ9 score was absent.  Not knowing what on Earth a PHQ9 score was, I Googled it.  It turns out that it is akin to a BMI, only to ascertain a measurement of depression.  It asks questions on a scale of 1 to 10, regarding how you feel, if you are suicidal, that kind of stuff.  I would have thought that was a prerequisite for someone referred with depression?


Now here’s the really disgraceful part.  Scribbled along one side it stated ‘Discharged – this patient’s psychological problems are inappropriate for our service to address’.  If the CMHT can’t deal with it, should they not have made a referral to someone who can?  It looks to me as if they can’t be arsed to do their job and taken the easy way out.  I appreciate that they, like our Social Workers, Tax Office and DWP, are running around like headless chickens, over-run with work but come on?


Yet another example of shit public services brought about by bureaucratic wankers from middle management up to politicians.  Do you see this improving over the next few years?  Not a chance.  We are being fucked over at every turn while they sit in their ivory towers counting our money.


It’s high time we took a leaf out of the Tunisian and Lybian’s books and had a revolution.




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