Lord Hanningfield Found Guilty

31 May

Lying Tory bigot, Lord Hanningfield, has been found guilty on six counts of false accounting by Mr Justice Saunders…….

Still pleading his innocence, Hanningfield made a pathetic attempt to justify his actions by saying they (him and the other robbing Lords) were all in it together.  He also said that he’d had to re-mortgage his home to pay his legal bills, as if.  My heart bleeds…… 

The prosecution alleged that he was on a flight to India at the time he was claiming for his travelling expenses, which should provide some ammunition if, he appeals the judgement……

As Hanningfield quite clearly demonstrates with his blatant failure to accept that he was caught out, he is either deluded or a thief, or both.  This convicted fraudster has ‘worked’ for us for over 40 years.  I wonder if he applied the same high principles to his accounting from the start?  In my opinion this is yet more proof that most of the ‘right honourable’ scum cannot be trusted and should not be allowed to carry on swindling the public……

Hanningfield will be sentenced in 3 weeks and, hopefully, be left to rot in a prison cell for a few years……

Pass the soap……



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