More Shit from Anglian Water

26 May

No doubt the board of directors at Anglian Water will be rubbing their hands together at the dumbing down of the FEE regulations regarding the “emergencies” under which they can pour raw sewerage into the water surrounding our Blue Flag beaches. This basically means that when the inadequate investment in water treatment causes an “overflow” there is no mechanism to alert the public that their Blue Flag beaches maybe anything but blue. This adjustment in the regulations excuses a lack of investment by explaining away the inadequacies in the infrastructure as emergencies. But why spend millions of pounds improving the system set up using our parent’s & grandparent’s taxes when you can improve the private profits of a bunch of companies you’ve never heard of who purchased our company from the autocrats who no doubt made a few quid selling it off in the first place……

Oh, and by the way, water is a basic human right. So ignore the threatening letters sent out by the “off the shelf” debt collection company called “Frontier” and ask the customer services department if they can transfer you through to them. I’m sure they’ll helpfully give you another phone number to call even though you’ll be talking to the same in house team you’d be speaking to if called about your red bill.

Try asking about the offshore branch of the company, which may be legal but is it ethical?

Anglian Water operates in a bubble with no regard for the law or people’s well being. But if you’ve got the best lawyers and millions of pounds of our cash to spend, fuck it, who cares if they have to pay out the odd fine or two……



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