The McCanns Sign Book Deal?

15 Nov

Firstly, let me say this is in no way an attack on the parent’s of Madeleine McCann, for whom I feel an intense sympathy.  To have had this happen to you, and I find it hard to comprehend, must be the most painful experience imaginable.


The profits from the sale of the book will go toward the campaign to find Madeleine and a part of me can understand that motivation alone, but to write a book only 4 years after Madeleine disappeared seems in poor taste.  This isn’t the McCann’s fault, I understand why they did it but for Madeleine’s dignity and privacy it seems wrong.


When, hopefully soon, we find out where Madeleine is, she can be reunited with her Mum and Dad who have gone to the ends of the earth to find her but they have inadvertently turned the story into a ‘celebrity’ event.


Poor Madeleine will never be able to shake this curse and grow up with a private life, because the press will constantly hound her, Hello will offer silly her amounts of money to get the scoop and someone will undoubtedly make a movie about it.  Madeleine will be public property and I’m not sure the book will help to find her.  I think, at some point she’ll know who she is and escape this deranged stranger and throwing money at the problem will sadly not help.  It will simply consign Madeleine to a life of celebrity hell………



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