We’re All in This Together – Part 2

9 Nov

I wonder if the 19 millionaires on the LiberalTorycrat front benches are feeling the pinch yet. Not unless they’ve suddenly introduced transparent banking laws in the Cayman Islands I shouldn’t think.

Whilst spending hundreds of billions of pounds on Aircraft Carriers for which we have no planes and a new nuclear deterrent that 99.9% of the public don’t want and think is a stupid waste of money, so far they’ve announced that if your in receipt of state benefits you’ll have your Housing Benefit cut by 10% after 1 year, you’ll have your Incapacity Benefit cut after 1 year if you don’t find a job (obviously their intending spending so much on the health service that we’ll be fit and well by then) and not forgetting the VAT increase that affects the poorest in society disproportionately. Oh, and you’ll also be expected to work for your dole. What next, work houses? We may well need them with another 5 million in the dole Q…..

This is all fine but what really gets my goat is they way our elected politicians, sat on their personal fortunes, jeer and laugh, acting like a bunch of delinquent school children whilst fucking up the lives of the people who elected them.

Come on Al Queada what are you waiting for? Get into the chamber with an Ouzie 9mm, do us all a favour and waste all 700 of them. You’ll have the British public of all religious persuasions on your side in a flash (well 700 flashes actually).

Vacuous, self serving arseholes, all of them. The sooner they’re all dead, the better………..


One Response to “We’re All in This Together – Part 2”

  1. Jo Mc November 11, 2010 at 10:59 am #

    Ok honey, thanks x

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