Gillian Merron – Ex Labour MP for Lincoln

6 Nov

Gillian Merron was the Labour MP for Lincoln for over 10 years, during which time, and it it’s a matter of public record, she claimed almost £1,000,000 in expenses. To be precise between 2001 & 2008 her total expenses claim was for £841,339.00(see below) the records for 2009/2010 are not available. Most of these claims where completely legitimate under the parliamentary system but whether they were “entirely connected to performing her duty as an MP”, could be up for scrutiny. She was criticised strongly for her purchases for televisions & packages for programs. Having down loaded the ‘redacted’ accounts, it is clear Mrs Merron was claiming for all of the things we would consider to be the expenses incurred in performing our jobs, after all why should MP’s be given expenses for their daily newspapers & internet connections. Don’t forget we are talking about a job which pays £60,000.00 per year.

Total expenses claimed
Total Expenses
out of

2001/02 £ 94,459 joint 178th 657
2002/03 £123,954 87th 657
2003/04 £136,706 55th 658
2004/05 £139,854 64th 659
2005/06 £133,480 – –
2006/07 £144,914 176th 645
2007/08 £155,972 172nd 645

She was ordered to repay £6,305.17. This was over claimed due to ‘an aministrative error’ , on the interest payments for her London property. If you or I had over claimed from the Department of Work & Pensiions, we would have undoudbtably found ourselves in a court of law, facing charges of fraud. This preseident set out in UK law, under an act of parliament, conveniently absolves MP’s of facing such charges.

So what’s happened to the amenities Mrs Merron aquired during the course of her position as an MP. The answer to this question is easy, nada, sweet FA, nothing. I emaied Mrs Merron to ask if sher would be selling her London home, which was no longer required for her to perform her duty due to being voted out, to which, suprisingly, I received no reply. In fact the email address she used as an MP is now de-funked.

My question was simple; will you be selling you London home & repaying the tax payer all the monies you claimed whilst in government? Not an unreasonable question. Despite having had both Gillian & her secretary making attempts to contact me during the election, this line of conumication has gone suspiciously quite.

If you only hade honourable intentions when you entered Parliament, you now have the chance to proove this by handing back the things the tax payer has providied. Somehow, I feel your response will be non existant. Honourable indeeed.

Mrs Merron was a walking photo opertunity for most of her parlimentary career. As far as I can tell, she put forward no useful policy for debate & backed the Labour Whip on most occasions.

I feel I have been duped by this MP, whom it appears, not unlike the rest of them, had one primary concern. To line their own pockets.

So what is Gillian Merron doing now. She no longer has a job as an MP. Is she signing on? Or has she used her not inconsiderable power to become an honoury board member of a company’s whom need a link to parliament & in turn, need someone who has the ear of the policy makers.

Gillian, you stink. Your polotics stink. Your behaviour as an MP stunk & no doubt you continue to stink.

It’s easy to answer these accusations head on. Simply advise the electorate what you nhave done with your Tax payer funded assests & what are you doing no?

I look forward to your response, but feel it will not be forthcomming………….


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