Anglian Water – Taking Your Shit & Floating Out to Sea

5 Nov

Surfers Against Sewerage, a reputable organisation who seek to keep the waters around the British Isles as clean as possible have a problem with Anglian Water’s procedure. The reason will become obvious. From 1st October to 15th May each year, Anglian Water turn off one part of the essential process to clean the effluent before it is discharged into the North Sea. Let me make it clear that SAS have reached agreement with other water companies to have this practice continued, year round. Not so with Anglian Water. The process is that of UV exposure. Now I don’t claim to be an expert but it appears that this is one of the final processes dedicated to the killing off dangerous bacteria.

But not Anglian Water. Despite putting at risk surfers, snokellors & other groups who may be in direct contact with the sea between the dates of cessation, Anglian Water have still to relent on their determination to halt this activity during the winter months.

No doubt, the saving in power will proudly appear triumphantly in the company’s Carbon Emission savings report. We have to consider what this actually means. The company do not feel that, although they have the resources to process this waste and make our waters as clean as is possible, due to the absence of ‘holiday makers’, they feel they can get away with not implementing a proven technology to help clean up our waters, all because it makes their carbon emissions look better, and that will please some of the investors I’m sure but not those who wind up with Gastroenteritis.

Once again your favourite water company are manipulating things to their own advantage and continuing to pollute your coastline unnecessarily…….

Another top job. Thanks, Anglian Water……..


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