The EU Declaration of Human Rights

31 Oct

Dignity in Treatment

Dignity in treatment is written into the European Declaration on Human Rights.  So why is it that some members of society who have a diagnosed medical condition are given an inappropriate treatment?  For fear of how it would look in the eyes of Joe public…….

I’m talking about Heroin addicts.  Although there is a common conception that they got themselves into that mess so why should the tax payer pay for their treatment?  Well the tax payer is already paying for their treatment, only the treatment they’re paying for is a second class treatment that, instead of curing the addict of their addiction, it only prolongs and worsens an already complicated and difficult to treat illness, and here’s why…….

A Heroin addict is addicted to Heroin.  Pretty obvious so far.  However, the treatment given is usually a replacement drug such as Methadone.  Now Methadone does not have the same effects as the Herion they were addicted to.  This means that most, not all, addicts will use the Methadone as a backup plan for the times when they can’t raise the money to by the drug which they crave.  It also gives them a chemical which there is always a customer for, allowing the addict to sell their medication to get the drug they crave and are addicted to……

This is counter productive, and here’s why.  This is also where the dignity comes into play.  I know from personal experience that no matter how much you long to be free of Heroin, the chances are that you have any number of contributory mental health conditions, none of which are being managed by your local authority drug team.  Therefore, the addicts continue on the downward spiral of addiction, depression, social isolation and disassociation with employment.  Meanwhile, they continue to commit petty crime such as shoplifting and burglary, all of which has a detrimental effect on society as a whole……

The solution, which has been proven to work in every small scale trial undertaken, is to prescribe Diamorphine (medical Heroin).  This is done under clinical conditions and removes the risk of overdose, as well as transmission of other diseases.  It helps to reduce the petty crime and puts the dealers out of business.  The addict, with the help of other social agencies, is reduced slowly and trials have shown a high level of adherence and integration back into society…….

So why isn’t this done?  Addaction, a large UK drug treatment agency, advocates this as the best possible approach for treatment.  The government’s own advisory panel advocates this as the best possible option.  It’s down to our politicians and their having to defend it to the ill informed public.  Prescribing Heroin to Heroin addicts simply wouldn’t wash.  It’s a little like the prison reformers who say community sentencing is more effective than locking people up……

I also believe that this contravenes the European Declaration of Human Rights and I’m going to try and prove it.  I intend to set out the case to QC Michael Mansfield who has a history of taking on board unpopular cases of human rights and winning.  I want to see a change in the way we treat addicts, irrelevant of the way it looks to Joe public.  This solution will work and it will reduce crime, disease, unemployment and any other number of positive outcomes……

As for that ever present devil of funding.  Here’s an idea, why don’t the major retailers who spend an absolute fortune on security, 99% of which is dedicated to drug addicts stealing to raise money.  All the police time and recourses dedicated to the same things and use the money to fund the detox programs which will save the money in the first place……

Sounds to good to be true apart from the fact that it has worked in every country it has been implemented…

Restore the dignity of those members of society who haven’t had the lucky upbringing you’ve had, and support my little campaign……

More to follow……


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