MI6, Torture & Terrorism

30 Oct

MI6, Torture & Terrorism

Our police force have carried out 101,000 stop & searches, under the new terrorism laws, & made absolutley no arrests.  This only goes to prove that the policy was put i  place to allow the Police to decide, based on the colour of thier skin, their attire & their where abouts, whom qualified under the new draconian measures, to be deemed a terrorist suspect.  The statistics say otherwise.

I see ‘C’ the head of our secret service has denounced torture & said the UK would not accept information gathered by another nations secret services, if it was thought ot have been gained under torture. Imagine the conversation:

CIA – ‘We’ve got some important news for you, your parliament will be blown up tomorrow’
MI6 – ‘Was this information gained under turture?’
CIA – ‘Well, we had to give the dood a few slaps, threaten to bugger him, then cut his penis off.  But once we got the water board out he was singing like a baby, deffinately Al Queada’
MI6 – ‘Well thanks for that old chap, I’ll run it past the PM’

Now, our MI5 chief knows that the information gained was extracted under torture, so will he follow throught or discard the information due it being extracted by dubious means?  I’d have thought the answer to this question is pretty obviuos.  What will the PM decide to do?

Terrorism,Terrorism, Terrorism

As was pointed out in the intro to ‘Loose Change’, a film I would strongly rocomend you see, these word have been chanted over & over again since 9/11.  The purpose of this execise was to engrain a new ememy into the heads of the populus.  The Berlin wall had fallen, the Russian states where all truning independent.  The Neo-Cons need a new ememy to scare us with, enter Al Queada.  We’de never heard of them before 9/11?  Now there the reds under the bed, infiltrating ever area of our lives intent on killing us all.  BULLSHIT.  There a few desperate groups of fundamental idiots, who are not Musilins, they are terrorist.  However,  they are baddly connected, ill informed and completely disorganised.  Remenber the IRA?  There bombinmg campaign was relentless.  So far Al Queada have managed about 3 events in Europe in the last 10 years, and the whole countries gone mad.  Yes, occasionally these idiots will pull off one of there ill conceived events, and yes some inocent people will die, but our Secret service has about a much of a clue as to where that threat will come from, as you or I.  It’s just another device to con the public.  Don ‘t forget, ‘We’re all in this together’…..

A Man In A Cave

Osam Bin Laden has Renal failure.  For those of you not formilliar with this condition let me explian.  If you have Renal Faiure you have to be hooked up to a machine, 3 times a week, which takes the blood out of your body, cleans the toxins no longer being removed by your liver, and replaces it to make you well again.  Are we really to beleive that Osama Bin Laden spent months in a cave i Afghanistan whilst the Americans bommed the fuck out of them.  Unlikely, in a country where getting the most basic of necessities anywhere is a nightmare, I fail to beleive that the US troops mightn’t have noticed a fully equipped mobile renal unit trailling accross the desert.  If George W Bush had really wanted to know where he was, all he had to do was ask the rest of the family, who are business partners of Goerge W Bush in a company called the Caryle Group.  They speclise in getting the contacts to rebuild places like Iraq, once there bosses have destroyed them……



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