Viva La France

27 Oct

Viva La France

It’s nice to see the French out on the streets causing havoc with the countries infrastructure. This is all due to the government changing the retirement age from 60 to 62. Strange how we don’t hear about the sort of cuts which our leaders tell us are necessary to balance the economic cock up caused by the world wide banking crisis. If they tried to pull the same stunt on the French they would be up in arms, burning sheep in the streets, blocking the ports and generally bringing the country to its knees. I believe it all stems from the revolution when the use of the guillotine decided the outcome of the political situation. Given the right circumstances, I think the people of France would have no hesitation to dust of the guillotine and use it on their leaders, which is why we never hear of the same draconian measures being taken in the way they are here.


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