More Social Injustice

27 Oct

Social Injustice

Yet again, ‘we’re all in this together’ seems to have fallen squarely on the shoulders of the people at the bottom of society. With the announcement that there will be a cap of £400 per week placed on housing benefit claims only serves to confirm our governments seemingly endless capability of penalising those members of society with few, if any, options to improve their lot and who depend on the state to survive. In fact it only places further stresses which can only lead to even more distress.

Strangely, the £400 limit does not apply to the amount our politicians are allowed to claim for their second home allowances necessary for them to perform their public duty. Once that duty comes to an end, do our representatives return their second homes to the benefit of the public purse? No, they get to keep them, safe in the knowledge that the tax payer has paid off their mortgages and should they have no further use for their second homes, they can sell them and pocket the money without even having to pay back the allowances they have claimed.


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