What Anglian Water Don’t Want You To Know

25 Oct

So What

So here’s the inside story of what your local (monopoly) water company don’t want you to know.


Your friendly local water company is using a system to identify the ‘high risk’ customers who are likely, according to their pre defined criteria to decide whether or not you are likely to pay your water & waste water charges on time, it does assume from your social status whether you are a risk or not.

This is not unfortunately against the law, however, it does single out members of society whom may, through not fault of their own, single out them into groups to whom special attention is paid.  The system automatically places the ‘customer’ into a category which is ‘flagged’ up as a potential ‘problem’ group to which special attention is paid, using a pre-determined debt collection process.  This is the equivalent of social engineering.


Should you find yourself categorised into one such group, regardless of your previous payment record, you will be ‘fast tracked’ into a strategy to collect your outstanding balance, after which you will be placed into a work stream who’s priority is to collect whatever the balance you owe.

A Company’s Right to Collect what is Due to them

Whilst we all accept that a utility company has a duty to collect any monies owing to them for a service they have supplied.  It is the clandestine approach that Anglian Water have taken to do this.

They have created a ‘new’ company from which are sending out correspondence under the guise of ‘Frontier Debt Collections’.  This is an internal department, run by the existing debt collection team, made to look like an external debt collection agency.  The call centre staff have been instructed not to discuss anything to do with this department & is flagged up on the computer system.  Staff are instructed to give an alternative telephone number (rather than transfer the customer) & not to enter into any discussion regarding ‘Frontier Debt Collections’.  This is clearly set up to dupe customers into believing this is an external agency & to exacerbate the customer’s anxiety.

What to Do

Don’t be fooled.  The water company have the same rights as your milkman when it comes to their rights on your doorstep.  I am not advocating non-payment of your charges however, do not be bullied into making a commitment you cannot meet.  Your water CANNOT be cut off, pay what you can afford.  Your water company makes £1,,000,000.00 per day & they can afford to supply you with water, whatever they say.

More to Follow

There is more you need to know about your water service provider & the underhanded means they use to scare you into paying your bill.

Watch this space…….


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